Clayton B. Darley, APRN headshot

Clayton B. Darley, APRN

Clay Darley is a board certified nurse-practitioner with a Master’s degree from Kennesaw State University.  Clay’s experience in the medical field actually began in 1994 when he was a dialysis technician/van driver at a hemodialysis clinic in the South Georgia.  He received his Associate’s degree in 1997 from Darton State College, and Baccalaureate degree from Thomas University in 2005. Clay completed his Master’s degree from Kennesaw State in 2011.

Clay’s clinical background in nursing includes cardiac ICU, CCU experience.  He has been working in nephrology since 2013 and takes a special interest in a caring for the total needs of the end-stage renal disease population.  Clay’s special interests include outdoor activities, and sports.