Patient Testimonials

Missy ALWAYS has a smile. Dr. Santos always acts as if I am the most important patient in when I am in his office.
Dr. Santos and staff are very professional and friendly. Dr. Santos himself expresses his concern and desire to make every attempt possible to make me well and does an excellent job.
Love Dr. Santos and the staff. I always feel I get the best possible care from the clinic. Highly recommend.
Dr. Santos has been very good to me and I wouldn’t want anyone else. He takes time to talk to me.
Dr. Santos is the most caring, understanding, patient doctor I know and very educated with conditions as myself has. I highly recommend him to all. Thank you for my pleasant visit.
Dr. Santos – My doctor is my doctor, but my friend too. Makes sure I am well. Thank God for Dr. Santos
I would tell and recommend Dr. Santos to everybody. He’s the best doctor ever.
I have been Dr. Santos’ patient for 13 years and he is an awesome doctor. He shows that he is really concerned and cares about his patients. Dr. Santos always is honest with his patients. That’s what I love about him.
Dr. Hicks is a professional gentleman with thorough knowledge of my condition. Shannon, Dr. Hick’s nurse is the best there is!!
Dr. Hicks is a superstar! He exemplifies everything a physician should be.
Dr. Hicks is a wonderful doctor – a class act!
Dr. Hicks has been wonderful explaining my condition and helping me regain my energy level. Been a joy to have someone that actually wants to help you.
I am very pleased with Dr. Hicks and his staff. Shannon is always helpful.
I look forward to seeing my doctor (Hicks) because he talks to me about my problems and gives good feedback. He is very understanding and when I need to see him.
Dr. Crenshaw has saved my life twice. I will say nothing bad about him or my treatment by him. His nurse, Kim is my favorite.
Dr. Crenshaw is the most caring and understanding doctor I’ve ever been seen by. He is an asset to GKHC. His LPN, Kim is always friendly and helpful.
I love my doctor and staff. They are good and nice people to me and I love them. They all work on time providing the best care.
Dr. Crenshaw is an outstanding doctor and person. I think the world of him.
Dr. Crenshaw is one of the most caring persons you would love to have as your doctor. He is very concerned about his patients and their health.
The combination of doctors and care I received was off the charts of remarkable.
Dr. Crenshaw and Kim are truly concerned with my health. They are like part of my family. I love them both.

I loved my Dr. Santos! He explained exactly all about my condition and I understood it. He was honest on what to expect. I am very, very pleased with him.

Very impressed with Dr. Hicks and the nursing staff.

Dr. Santos has been my doctor for years. He is a great doctor for me. He cares about all his patients. I plan to keep him.

Dr. Crenshaw is a very good doctor. He listens very carefully and he answers your with the most knowledgeable answers he can.

Dr. Santos is an excellent doctor. He explains all information so that I can understand. Staff is very friendly!

Dr. Hicks is a very good doctor to me.

I am thankful for Dr. Crenshaw. He is not only my DR, but he is a friend and cares about how I am personally.

Dr. Hicks is the best Dr I ever seen. He is the greatest.

Dr. Hicks and staff are excellent. Very good doctor.